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How You Show You’re Cool
It’s hard for most people to say what’s cool beyond just what they like, but it isn’t impossible.  When one wears graphic t shirts that show off who one is confidently, everyone understands that both wearer and clothing are awesome.  People will like that individual better than what they demonstrate for most other people around them, making life a lot more enjoyable for the people wearing such great clothing.  Presentation is everything in many circumstances, so making sure that one has the right tees to reflect one’s identity is important.

Of course, the graphics that make up cool t shirts will vary according to who’s wearing them.  Someone who absolutely hates Halo isn’t going to look so great wearing a Master Chief tee, because their discomfort at having it on will be apparent to everyone around them.  The only way to get the benefits is to pick out something that the wearer really likes, because anything less won’t allow one to show the confidence needed for a truly impressive appearance.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy for people to pick out the things they like.  It’s harder for someone to select clothing for someone else.  Doing so requires an understanding of what graphic t shirts the recipient is going to thing are cool.  That can be done, fortunately, so everyone can have a wide range of tees to reflect their individuality – even though there will be a lot of other people who also have any given shirt, the odds of them having matches on several tees in one’s collection are miniscule at best.  So, everyone can express their identities through their collections.